Drift House to Expand its Line of Salty Crew Apparel

Drift House to Expand its Line of Salty Crew Apparel

You want more Salty Crew? You got it

Merritt Island, FL – Whether it’s a ‘Chasing Tail’ t-shirt on the old fisherman down by the docks or it’s a ‘Thrill Seekers and Risk Takers’ hat worn by the grom over by the pier, Salty Crew seems to be everywhere lately. The brand has become so popular, so fast that retailers are quickly discovering the challenges of keeping Salty Crew on their shelves.

In just three short years, Salty Crew has transformed the surf apparel industry. Where their contemporaries have painted themselves into corners as brands specific to one demographic – the surfer – Salty Crew has created an ocean lifestyle brand.

And it’s working.

The Salty Crew brand has tapped into the pulse of the market enough to grab the attention of Australian surf and skate firm Globe International. In 2017, Globe International purchased a 50% stake in Salty Crew to take the brand to new heights.

With a new partner and innovative marketing and design (‘Find Refuge in the Sea’), Salty Crew is poised to become one of the pillars in the industry, reaching international success on the level of Billabong, Quicksilver, Hurley, Rip Curl, RVCA, and Volcom.

Drift House

Launching at about the same time as Salty Crew and located around the same stomping grounds where Salty Crew ambassador and WSL World Champion CJ Hobgood grew up, Merritt Island surf shop Drift House has been making their own name as a retailer.

Drift House (formerly Island Surf and Skate) has quickly grown to become a household name in the Space Coast area for its customer-centric approach and circle-of-friends atmosphere. As one of the few retailers to carry new and emerging brands such as Salty Crew, Drift House has found its niche by aligning its own store for growth alongside the brands they believe in and feel passionate about.

Drift House is proud to announce that Salty Crew is now its top selling clothing line both in-store and online, outpacing the sales of all other apparel. As a result, Drift House will be expanding its line of Salty Crew hats, t-shirts, tech shirts, walkshorts, boardshorts, hoodies, snap jackets, and more. Visit Drift House online (https://www.drifthouse.com/) to shop a greater selection of Salty Crew’s premium products, as well as brands Vissla, Roark Revival, Billabong, Vans, Superbrand, Avid, Flomotion, The Local Brand and more.


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