Traveling by Sail with Amy

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Traveling by Sail with Amy

There aren't many better ways to experience peacefulness and find yourself than to travel by sail. Under endless stars unobstructed by the creations of humans, sailing offers a blissful experience very few other outlets can. We are stoked to share this video sent to us by Drift House lifestyle enthusiast Amy Deloach, of her trip beyond the reaches of Wifi and cell reception on her way to BVI.


Take a few minutes and let your mind wander into the depths of the crystal clear waters Amy and her family were able to enjoy on the journey. Encountering dinner for the evening, eating what you catch and avoiding those below that would rather eat you just make the experience that much more adventurous. Thanks again Amy for sending this video in, make sure to follow along on our Instagram @shopdrifthouse and submit your lifestyle videos to be featured on our site!


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