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House Membership

House Membership

Welcome to the inside. 

House Memberships are limited.

Find the sign-up form below to be notified first as spots become available.



FREE Nationwide Shipping - Applied AUTOMATICALLY at checkout when logged into your membership account. Includes UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail, shipped next business day. You MUST be logged into your House Member account.

AUTO Raffle Access - Every actively subscribed House Member is automatically entered into EVERY online raffle with 2X ENTRY. This applies for ONLINE & HOUSE MEMBER EXCLUSIVE RAFFLES. Automatic raffle entries DO NOT apply to in-store raffles or releases.

2X Boosted Entry - As a House Member, you are guaranteed 2X entry on EVERY raffle. This is automatically applied for ONLINE & HOUSE MEMBER EXCLUSIVE RAFFLES. To access your 2X Boosted benefits IN-STORE, you must present your ID at time of sign-up to the staff in order to receive your second ticket. They will confirm your membership status & you are set.

Monthly Free Giveaways -  EVERY month we start off with giving away free items ranging from gift cards, decks, sunglasses, watches, sneakers, collectibles… PS5? Roundtrip Flight? 

Exclusive Sale Access - We won’t be sending you Grocery store coupons, expect to receive flash sales and promotional discounts. You will have a Pokedex full of discounts and it might lead you to get a little Mysterious.

Drift House Drop Access - Gain EARLY online email access to EVERY Drift House collection, before the general online release. This will guarantee you early access upon sending but cannot guarantee the size/stock depending on the time you open email notification. This includes future collaborations...

Release Calendar - Get sneak peeks and dates of future releases. Stay in the know and be notified of new arrivals and releases, including those that you are auto entered.

Collaborative Spotify Playlist  - Gain access to a private collaborative Spotify playlist that streams live in our Cocoa Beach storefront. Add your creative flavor, share new music with us! If you are a House Member and are missing the playlist link, please email for a link.

House Member Discord  - Gain access to locked channels that access the heartbeat of Drift House, including everything that keeps us going. Here you’ll find dedicated channels covering music, art, skateboarding, new releases, surfing, collectibles. If you're familiar with our Twitter, this will be the next level. If you are a House Member and are missing the discord link, please email for a one-time invite link.




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  • Jason Rubin

    4 months of membership has earned me a dud of a mystery box and a bunch of dunk L’s. Personally wouldn’t waste my money but it’s your choice.

  • Jonny

    I wish to cancel my subscription and I can not find it anywhere!!
    Haven’t had any perks to purchase any hot drops!!
    Unfortunately I feel the membership is just a waist imo…..

    I even tried and asked for help to cancel in Discord and somehow I am still being charged::.. 3 months later!?!?!?

  • Destinee Armstrong

    Attempting to cancel membership and I don’t see where to do so. I’ve emailed the support email as well, no answer. Assistance would be appreciated.

  • David

    How do I cancel the membership though? Can’t find that anywhere

  • Yannick Boling


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