Roark Revival


The chase for Roark began out of a desire to tell stories born of adventure and discovery in the form of a man - he’s the bar-brawling adventurer that disappears into Mexico for six months camping, only to surface in Paris drinking Bordeaux with a diplomat’s daughter.  Each season they find Roark in a different part of the world, telling stories of his exploits within our product, on social platforms and in a printed book at retail. Inspired by the culture and climate of Roark’s destination, we produce two collections per year of clothing, luggage and trinkets - the artifacts of adventure.  The product and stories they create empower people to discover self through authentic, irreverent, dangerous and purposeful adventure on the road less traveled.

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Hobo nickels were introduced during the depression by hobos that carved a new relief into U.S. curre
At any given moment the contents in Roark’s possession could make a man rich. Be it by their conte
Between the beautiful gardens and lush foliage of Port Antonio lies “Sharron’s Hotspot,” your
Jamaica’s tonics are underrepresented globally, operating in the shade of the spliff. Rum savages
The Savage has found Valhalla! Roark has fully realized the potential of their most functional piece
Designed by Revivalist Jamie Thomas. Inspired from the Russian wood painting style highlighted with



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