Meet Pawnshop

Meet Pawnshop

Anthony and Donovan Piscopo have grown their roots deep into the Covina skate culture, providing an environment built on community. 

Pawnshop Skateshop is an independently-owned skate shop due west of Los Angeles. The shop has been open for over 10 years and has been a staple in the area for providing quality products and service matched with an unfiltered sense of family.


Pawnshop Skateshop


Anthony, growing up skateboarding in the 80’s and 90’s felt he needed to add his fuel to the fire in the city. After his past life working in a skate shop and endlessly dreaming of opening his own, returning back from jail to his son turning 2, the wheels started to turn.


Pawnshop Skateshop


There is an infamous story of Anthony pawning his father’s ring for his son’s first board. Returning to the same skate shop he grew up in to get Donovan’s board, only to be treated like an outcast. This birthed the brainchild of Pawnshop Skateshop.

Built to create family, not generate millions. Pawnshop is the true definition of what it means to do it for love, to do it for what really matters.


Pawnshop Skateshop


Pawnshop became a home base for the locals to enjoy, feel comfortable and in Donovan’s case… truly a home away from home. Growing up in this environment, sharing this safe space with friends and keeping the heart beating strong of the skate community in the city.


Pawnshop Skateshop


We have a strong admiration for those that build camaraderie and safe havens for everyone to feel welcome. Their latest collaboration with Nike SB pushes this sense of an ‘Old Soul’ forward. There will never be anything more important than those closest to you and the relationships that grow overtime.


Pawnshop Skateshop


The Nike SB Dunk High ‘Pawnshop’ channels this lifelong energy, featuring a mix of gold and black branding. Two sets of laces with gold aglets and ‘OLDSOUL’ messaging. This collaboration will be available for purchase on Saturday, January 21st at 11AM via in-store FCFS. If stock remains, House Members will receive access.


SKU: FJ0445-001

MSRP: $130 USD
7M > 12M + 13M

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