Our Story

        Drift House is proudly established in the heart of Cocoa Beach, Florida. From what began as a single retail location based on Merritt Island, we have grown our roots deeper into the culture that drives us - continuing to push the envelope of local culture & lifestyle. Living and breathing diversity across our employees and the family that surrounds us, including every walk of life that enters our domain.

        Constantly evolving, seemingly drifting through new and exciting moments that captivate us. Priding ourselves in exemplary customer service and quality experience - tailoring our focus to the quirky individual, always hunting something new & different, believing it's more than the shirt your wearing - every aspect carries a story. We are proud to tell that story, live the culture and bring new & exciting pieces to our family.

        The Community, Culture and Self Expression that drives skateboarding, fashion, and creatives makes us hungry. Driving the message & sharing the experience, Drift House is guaranteed to have something for everyone. Believing in the experience, we have created an ambiance for every walk of life to coexist and feel at home.

        We thank you for shopping with us, and if you have found yourself in our flagship store, we hope that you'll grab a cold beverage from the craft beer bar and relax for a while. Don't forget to follow along and tag us on Social Media!

Jesse Hunter

Founder / CEO

Cheyne Dean

Founder / VP Sales

Tia Herrera

Operations Manager

Jonathan Anaya

eCommerce Director

Gabe Larracas

Web Development

Jackson Kelley

Social Media

Chea Segall

Store Manager

Taylor Williams

Store Manager

Miles Danker

Store Associate

Willa Berg

Store Associate

Nick McMillen

Store Associate

Gabrielle Hoog

Store Associate

Kai Gonzalez

Store Associate