Welcome to Drift House, owned and operated by Land and Sea Surf, LLC. We're more than just a retail store – we're a vibrant lifestyle destination, designed to bring people together and celebrate a shared love for unique products and experiences.

Located in the heart of Cocoa Beach, Florida, Drift House was conceived in 2015 by founders Jesse Hunter and Cheyne Dean. Their mission was to create a place that resonates with all kinds of interests – be it surfing, skating, fashion, or just the thrill of discovering something new.

Drift House has since grown into a community cornerstone, priding itself on being a hub of cultural and creative diversity. Our physical store serves as a lively gathering spot, offering not just quality retail but also hosting live music events, movie nights, and even a free-play arcade. Our backyard, equipped with a rotating selection of craft beers and non-alcoholic craft sodas, provides a laid-back atmosphere for both locals and tourists alike to unwind and connect.

But our commitment to delivering a unique, elevated experience doesn't stop at our physical storefront. Through our online platform, drifthouse.com, we've broadened our reach to serve customers across the nation, as well as in Canada and Mexico. Our top priority is ensuring a safe, easy, and satisfying shopping experience, whether you're browsing from the comfort of your home or exploring our dynamic store in person.

To stay updated with our latest events, product releases, and more, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here at Drift House, we're not just about the products we sell – we're about the community we build, the experiences we offer, and the lifestyle we live. Join our community and stay stoked.