Image of the Roark Revival Black Sabbath Mathis Vol 4 and 1971 Tee

Roark x Black Sabbath: A Symphony of Style & Rock

There's a primal force that binds us all, a magnetism that transcends the ages, sweeping us off our feet and into a world of rhythm, rebellion, and resonance. This force? Rock and roll. And within the rich tapestry of rock music, few bands have left an indelible mark quite like Black Sabbath.

Roark, a brand known for capturing the essence of life's adventures, has embarked on a thrilling journey that treads the line between freedom and chaos. Drift House is ecstatic to unveil the Roark Black Sabbath collaboration, an epic meld of iconic music and top-tier fashion, now available both in-store and online at drifthouse.com.

Image of the Roark Revival Black Sabbath Mathis 1971 Tee

Black Sabbath: A Legacy Like No Other "Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses." This iconic line from 'War Pigs' encapsulates the power and intensity of Black Sabbath, a band whose lyrics have inspired generations. With a legacy spanning decades, their music remains as fresh and relevant today as it was when Ozzy Osbourne first belted out their anthems. Their electric vibes are not just tunes but the very lifeblood that courses through our veins, energizing our spirits and igniting our passions.

Image of the Roark Revival Black Sabbath Alba Shorts

Roark X Black Sabbath: A Match Made in Rock Heaven From the trails to nights out, the pulsating rhythms of Black Sabbath have been a cornerstone of our daily rhythm intake. And now, Roark has channeled this energy into a collection that pays homage to these heavy metal pioneers.

Image of the Roark Revival Black Sabbath Mathis Vol 4 Tee

The collection oozes style, comfort, and performance, perfect for those who live life on the edge. The fabrics, the fits, the prints, everything about this collection screams authenticity. And each piece, whether it's the Black Sabbath Roadie Bomber Jacket or the Mathis Vol. 4 Knit, tells a story of a musical journey, blending the adrenaline of rock and roll with the free spirit of Roark's designs.

Image of the Roark Revival Black Sabbath Serrano 2.0 Shorts

Celebrate the Union of Two Giants “Is it the end, my friend?” No, it's just the beginning. Dive deep into this collaboration that captures the spirit of Black Sabbath's iconic lyrics and the ethos of Roark's adventurous streak.

Photo of the Roark Revival Black Sabbath Roadie Bomber Jacket

Visit Drift House or browse online at drifthouse.com to get a piece of this limited edition collection. Feel the raw power of Black Sabbath and the unparalleled comfort of Roark with every wear.

Photo of the Roark Revival Black Sabbath Mathis Vol 4 Tee Black


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