Thrilled man at Tahiti's airport, sporting the Roark Gonzo Camp Collar Shirt - Hinano Otemanu Light Blue with confidence, holding a surfboard travel bag against the backdrop of a empty airport setting.

An Adventure Brewed in Paradise: Roark x Hinano

Man in Tahiti, confidently styled in the light blue Gonzo Camp Collar Shirt from the Roark x Hinano collaboration, taking in the scenic beauty of the tropical landscape. The shirt, made from organic cotton and Tencel, features a distinctive camp collar design, and its pattern inspired by the towering Otemanu peak in Bora Bora, offers a casual yet vibrant island vibe.

Welcome to an exciting fusion of style and culture - the collaboration between two iconic brands, Roark and Hinano Tahitian Beer. This partnership intertwines Roark's passion for adventure with Hinano's rich Tahitian heritage.

Founded in 1955, Hinano has become more than just a beer brand; it represents the essence of Tahitian life. The refreshing flavor of their beers captures the free spirit of the islands and the joy of basking under the sun after riding the Pacific waves. The legendary ‘Brasserie de Tahiti’ has always been the preferred golden elixir of locals and visitors alike. Today, it's ready to inspire a new chapter in the story of adventure-lifestyle brand Roark.

Man in Tahiti, wearing the unbuttoned Roark Gonzo Camp Collar Shirt - Hinano Otemanu Light Blue, immersed in the azure waters, embodying the carefree island lifestyle.

Roark's daring escapades around the world have always influenced its clothing line, with each piece telling a unique story of exploration. Embarking on a new journey, Roark's team made their way to Tahiti, fueled by the liquid gold of Hinano, inspiring a new clothing line that blends the aura of the islands with the brand's signature style.

We're thrilled to introduce the fruits of this collaboration to our customers at Drift House. The collection includes two exceptional pieces that are as comfortable as they are stylish – the Gonzo Camp Collar Shirt and Shorey Boardshorts.

Gonzo Camp Collar Shirt - Hinano Otemanu Light Blue

Stoked man in Tahiti's airport, confidently sporting the Roark Gonzo Camp Collar Shirt - Hinano Otemanu Light Blue, triumphantly holding a 'Royal with Cheese' with a backdrop of the bustling travel hub.

Dressing you for the adventure of life, the Gonzo Camp Collar Shirt is inspired by the magnificent Otemanu peak on Bora Bora island. This shirt encapsulates the serene pleasure of enjoying a chilled Hinano from an overwater bungalow with a view of paradise.

Crafted from a blend of organic cotton and Tencel, it features a classic fit with a straight hem, exuding relaxed island vibes. The distinctive camp collar adds a touch of retro cool to your look.

Roark Shorey Boardshorts 16” - Hinano Sun God Light Blue

Close-up shot of a man wearing the Roark Shorey Boardshorts 16” - Hinano Sun God Light Blue, emphasizing the Bora Bora Island-inspired design, portraying a relaxed and confident vibe.

The Shorey Boardshorts, designed for comfort and style, mirror the vibrant culture of Tahiti. Made from a sustainable blend of recycled polyester and hemp, these shorts feature a 4-way stretch and a durable water-resistant fabric finish for your waterborne adventures. With a 16" outseam and an elastic waist, they provide an ideal fit for both lazing on the beach or riding the waves.

Roark and Hinano's collaboration is not merely about producing stylish clothing; it's about embracing and celebrating the spirit of exploration, the richness of Tahitian culture, and the shared love for adventure.

This ethos permeates through the Gonzo Camp Collar Shirt and the Shorey Boardshorts. They're not just clothes - they're stories woven in fabric, carrying the essence of Roark's adventures in Tahiti, infused with the taste of Hinano.

Experience the pulse of Tahiti with Drift House today!

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