Image of Chris Milic skating the Last Resort AB VM004 Chris Milic Skate Shoes in Duo Grey/Black


The Last Resort AB Ethos

At its core, Last Resort AB is all about catering to the real needs of skateboarders. Born from the skateboarding culture itself, the brand prides itself on no-nonsense designs that focus on functionality and comfort, without compromising on style. This is evident in their minimalist aesthetic – every shoe, cap, and apparel item is stripped down to the essentials, reflecting the raw and authentic vibe of the skateboarding world.

Spotlight on the Latest Drop: Drop 13

The latest collection from Last Resort AB, known as Drop 13, is a testament to the brand's commitment to the skateboarding community. Let's break down some key pieces that exemplify their ethos:

Image of skaters wearing the new Last Resort VM003 Chris Milic Skate Shoes

VM004 Milic Suede Shoes: These shoes are a result of a collaboration with skater Chris Milic, known for his creative approach to skateboarding. They feature a unique T-toe design and the "Cloudy Cush" insole, blending Milic's artistic flair with Last Resort AB's commitment to quality.

Image of the Last Resort AB VM003 Chris Milic Skate Shoe in Graphite Black/White

Photo of the Last Resort AB Chris Milic Duo Grey Skate Shoes

Atlas Logo Daddy Cap - Beige: This cap is more than just a fashion statement. It's a nod to skate culture's laid-back, yet distinctly stylish, approach to casual wear. The unstructured design makes it perfect for everyday wear, whether you're skating or just hanging out.

Image of skate wearing the Last Resort AB Daddy Cap in Beige

VM001-Lo Suede Shoes - Brown/Gum and Black/Gum: These shoes showcase the brand's mastery in creating timeless skate shoes. The colorways are versatile, and the construction is sturdy, making them ideal for both hardcore skating and casual streetwear.

Why You Will Love Last Resort AB

It's not just the quality of the materials or the stylish designs that make Last Resort AB a hit among skaters. It's their understanding of what skaters truly want and need. From the grippy soles ideal for skateboarding to the comfortable fit that allows for extended wear, each product is a love letter to skate culture.

Image of Chris Milic skating a rail in some Last Resort AB Skate Shoes

At Drift House, we're not just retailers; we're enthusiasts. We believe in stocking brands that resonate with our own love for skateboarding, and Last Resort AB fits the bill perfectly. Whether you're a seasoned skater or just appreciate the skate aesthetic, we're confident that Last Resort AB's latest collection will have something for you.

Remember, whether in-store or online, Drift House is your go-to destination for all things Last Resort AB. Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the skateboarding world, right here on our blog.

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