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Relax With Pabst - Duvin x PBR

 Cute beach babe wearing the Duvin PBR Collection

Surf's up, beer lovers! 🌊🍺

The coast and the keg come together in a groundbreaking collaboration between two iconic brands: Duvin and Pabst Blue Ribbon. If you've ever caught a wave with a cold brew in hand, you know the vibes we're talking about. And if you haven't, well, this collection might just inspire you to do so.

Image of a guy standing the ocean wearing the Duvin x PBR Wave Rider Tee in Blue

Introducing the Duvin x PBR Collection

At the heart of Duvin lies a spirit of boundless adventure, a dash of rebellious attitude, and a whole lot of sunshine-soaked days. Pabst Blue Ribbon, with its deep-rooted history and timeless appeal, seamlessly pairs with Duvin's dynamic ethos, giving birth to a collection that resonates with the young, the old, and everyone in between.

This isn't just about fashion; it's about a lifestyle. A lifestyle where the salty breeze of the beach dances with the chilled whisper of a freshly opened beer can.

Beautiful girl wearing a custom crop top of the Duvin PBR Sailing Tee and Blue Foam Trucker Hat

Signature Pieces: An Array of Sun, Sand, and Suds

From foam trucker hats dipped in vibrant colors to signature tees that boast of sun, sea, and brew - there's something for everyone. And we aren't just talking clothes. Dive into a range of accessories crafted with meticulous attention to detail, echoing the spirit of both Duvin and PBR.

Image of a guy laying on the sand with the PBR x Duvin Tote Bag in Red

Why Duvin x PBR?

Because why not? Both brands embody a raw, unapologetic charm that champions living life on your terms. Whether you're catching waves at sunrise or unwinding with a PBR as the sun dips, this collaboration celebrates the free spirit in each of us.

Image of a beautiful babe wearing the Duvin x PBR One Piece Bikini

Available NOW: Catch the Wave at Drift House

Ready to wear the vibes? The Duvin x PBR collection is available both in-store and online at drifthouse.com. But remember, like the best waves, these pieces are bound to be snatched up quickly.

Swing by, add some Duvin flair to your wardrobe, and let's make every day a beach day. 🏄‍♂️🍻

Image of the Duvin PBR Can Tee in Black

Stay salty, stay frothy, and always ride with style. The Duvin x PBR collection awaits you. Dive in!

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