"Relaxed woman sitting on a lawn chair, showcasing the vibrant and tropical design of the Duvin Oasis Bikini, enjoying a sunny day outdoors.

Duvin Women's Summer '23 Collection: Embrace The Spirit of Leisure

This Summer '23, we're introducing a vibrant blend of 1980s beach club aesthetics and modern fashion, with Duvin's Women's Collection at Drift House. The collection embraces the spirit of leisure, offering versatile pieces that can be effortlessly styled for both daytime lounging and evening outings.

Highlighting the Collection Favorites: Violet Vacation One Piece & Leisure Crop Tees

Chic girl radiating confidence in her Duvin Violet One Piece swimsuit, highlighting her contemporary.

Girl enjoying poolside relaxation in a stylish Duvin Leisure Crop Tee Antique, epitomizing casual summer style.

 Our highlight is a perfect combination of the sleek Violet Vacation One Piece and the versatile Leisure Crop Tees. The Violet One Piece, with its classic low back and cheeky style, is the perfect choice for a sophisticated yet fun beach day. Enhance your beach attire with a Leisure Crop Tee, crafted from 100% high-quality Peruvian Pima Cotton, available in antique and tan shades. Together, they create an ensemble that transitions effortlessly from beachside fun to evening adventures.

Showstoppers of the Collection: Big Cat One Piece & Black Leopard Crop Button Up

Fashionable woman stylishly donned in Duvin's Big Cat One Piece, complemented by a Black Leopard Buttonup, creating an eclectic beachside look.

For those who enjoy a bold style statement, the Big Cat One Piece paired with the Black Leopard Crop Button Up is a match made in fashion heaven. The Big Cat One Piece, with its sleek design and fully adjustable straps, offers a combination of comfort and style. Paired with the relaxed-fit Black Leopard Crop Button Up, you get a blend of comfort and exotic allure, perfect for any summer occasion. 

Additional Collection Gems: Golden Hour Bikini & Pants, Double Dip Bikini 

Young woman radiating summer vibes in a Duvin Golden Hour Bikini, elegantly posing by a sunlit pool.

Stylish young woman exuding casual elegance in her Duvin Golden Hour Pants.Young woman enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool while sporting the stylish Duvin Double Dip Bikini.

Other striking pieces from the collection include the Golden Hour Bikini and Pants and the Double Dip Bikini. The Golden Hour pieces promise to make you shine bright, while the Double Dip Bikini offers a splash of dual-toned fun. These styles make a compelling case for some playful mix and match!

The Perfect Blend of Beach and Leisure

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The Women's Summer '23 Collection from Duvin presents a delightful blend of playful colors, bold patterns, and the brand’s iconic cabana sets. This collection provides a perfect synergy of comfort and style, promising to make your summer experiences breezy and fun.

Soak up the sun, dive into the waves, and embrace the spirit of summer with the new Duvin's Women's Collection. Now available here at Drift House!

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