Yellow Charles Darwin 5600 G-Shock Digital Watch displayed with its sustainable box and eco-friendly ba

G-Shock x Charles Darwin Collection

The G-Shock x Charles Darwin Foundation Collection: a remarkable partnership that highlights the enduring spirit of conservation through the robust framework of G-Shock watches. Now available at our store and online at drifthouse.com, this series not only offers precision and resilience but also champions the preservation of the Galápagos Islands.

Eco-Conscious Design with a Purpose

Crafted with eco-friendly bio-based resins, each G-Shock watch in the collection embodies a pledge to environmental stewardship, mirroring the unique biodiversity of the Galápagos. The animals of the islands, including the iconic giant tortoises and elusive Darwin’s finches, inspire the design of each piece, bringing nature closer to the wearer.

Three G-Shock x Charles Darwin Foundation watches in yellow, navy, and black, inspired by giant tortoises, hammerhead sharks, and Darwin's finches.

Innovative Features for a Greater Cause

What sets this G-Shock collection apart is the LED backlight, which showcases an animal image on the front bezel, illuminating the watch’s inspiration in the darkness. This feature, along with the engraved Charles Darwin Foundation logo and the conservation-supporting phrase on the band, makes each watch a statement piece for environmental advocacy.

Navy G-Shock x Charles Darwin Foundation watch with LED backlight on, displaying a hammerhead shark image on the bezel.

Why Choose the G-Shock x Charles Darwin Foundation Collection?

  • Sustainability: Each G-Shock watch is made from environmentally friendly materials, reflecting our commitment to the planet.
  • Unique Designs: Celebrate the Galápagos Islands' wildlife with designs that are as meaningful as they are stylish.
  • Advanced G-Shock Technology: Enjoy all the hallmark features of G-Shock watches, including solar power, water resistance, and global time sync, wrapped in a package that supports a noble cause.
  • Support Conservation Efforts: A portion of your purchase goes directly to the Charles Darwin Foundation, aiding in their mission to preserve the natural beauty of the Galápagos.

Black G-Shock x Charles Darwin Foundation watch featuring Darwin's finches, presented with its eco-friendly box and bag.

Join the Conservation Movement with G-Shock

Opting for a G-Shock from this exclusive collection at Drift House or drifthouse.com means wearing a symbol of your commitment to conservation. Each G-Shock watch not only stands up to the rigors of adventure but also represents a promise to safeguard our planet's treasures. Discover your perfect G-Shock timepiece today and take a stand for the environment with every tick

Digital image of yellow, navy, and black G-Shock x Charles Darwin Foundation watches with giant tortoises, hammerhead sharks, and Darwin's finches drawn in the background.

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