The ASICS GT-2160 in White/Pure Silver & White/Putty

The ASICS GT-2160 in White/Pure Silver & White/Putty

This Saturday, we're stoked to release a standout sneaker that respects its roots while pushing boundaries: the ASICS GT-2160™. Available in-store and online at 11 AM EDT on April 27, these shoes revisits the legendary GT-2000™ series, a favorite from the early 2010s known for its solid performance and innovative design.

A Legacy Reimagined

The GT-2160™ is a direct nod to its predecessors, carrying forward the technical features that made the GT-2000™ series a hit. It maintains the iconic sleek and wavy aesthetic, which isn't just about good looks—it’s a nod to the fluidity and speed essential in running.

Technical Brilliance Meets Modern Style

At the heart of the GT-2160™ sneaker lies the preservation of key features that made the GT-2000™ series a favorite:

  • Sleek and Wavy Aesthetics: The shoe's design captures the essence of speed and agility, with wavy forefoot sculpting that not only looks striking but also offers a subtle nod to the fluid mechanics of running.
  • Segmented Midsole Design: Reflecting a decade marked by innovation, this design feature is symbolic of the running shoes from the 2010s, offering both style and structural benefits.
  • Advanced GEL® Technology: True to ASICS' commitment to comfort, the GT-2160™ includes GEL® technology inserts in the midsole. This setup ensures exceptional cushioning underfoot, making each step lighter and more comfortable.

Color and Composition

This rendition of the GT-2160™ come in a clean and elegant White/Pure Silver & White/Putty colorways, which not only enhances its sleek design but also makes it a versatile addition to any wardrobe.


More Than Just a Shoe

The ASICS GT-2160™ is a testament to the blend of historical reverence and modern technology. This sneaker is not only a functional piece of sports equipment but also a collector's item for those who appreciate the rich history of running footwear. Its release at Drift House is an opportunity for both new fans and longtime ASICS enthusiasts to own a piece of this legacy.

As we gear up for this exciting release, remember that availability is limited. Whether you're looking to enhance your performance or add a unique piece to your sneaker collection, the ASICS GT-2160™ is poised to deliver. Join us in-store or online at drifthouse.com this Saturday at 11 AM to secure your pair.


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