Our Mission

In 2015, Drift House's founders: Jesse Hunter and Cheyne Dean found themselves ready for change. Ready to take risks head on to follow their passions developed at a young age.

By 2016, they joined forces to build the structure that holds us here today. Starting off in a dingy mall didn't stop them from hosting parking lot parties, showing edits in the movie theater and starting our mission of uniting the community.

Through many challenges & learning experiences, we are humbled to have evolved into a multi-dimensional company with an amazing team. Surrounded by the strongest sense of family we have ever felt.

By 2020, we had begun to grow our roots deep into Cocoa Beach. Continuing to stoke the community with bands in the backyard, skate jams, artist activations, street fairs and local fundraising for Brevard County schools.

Our mission to unite people globally has just begun.


    Skateboarding, Style, Music & Art are inherently diverse. We want everyone to be at home in the Drift House ecosystem, we are all one family.


    We proudly empower creative expression through every medium, striving to push the potential of our team, our family (you) and local creatives.


    We value the ability to contribute to our local community through events and outreach, uniting a mix of cultures through a love of creativity.


    Drift House was created to tell the story of the people & collections we carry, exposing the world to a culture we live & breathe on the daily.


    The diverse foundation we are built on cannot occur without dismantling the oppression of those who are Black, Indigenous & People of Color.


    We believe that equal rights & freedom for every human is essential. We proudly support & stand for the LGBTQIA+ community.


    We are dedicated to improving our actions & systems across our company to create a smaller carbon footprint, aiming towards a sustainable future.

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