Image showcasing the ASICS x Dime GT-2160 collaboration shoe, highlighting its modernized classic silhouette with the unique ASICS and Dime branding on a streamlined design.

ASICS x Dime GT-2160: A Modern Take on a Classic

We're excited to introduce the Dime x ASICS GT-2160™ shoe, a fresh take on a classic 2000s silhouette from ASICS' archives. This project represents a perfect harmony of the traditional and the modern, an embodiment of mutual respect and trust between ASICS and Dime, two innovators in their respective fields.

Dime x ASICS GT-2160 shoe in unique printed design, balancing on a silver faucet above a bubble-filled bathtub, representing the refreshing and innovative take on the classic ASICS silhouette.

The Modern Approach to Classic Silhouette

For new and returning consumers, the GT-2160™ is more than a shoe. It's a symbol of respect for a classic ASICS silhouette, modernized with the unique aesthetic that is Dime's signature. Rather than traditional stitched panels, the team opted for a lighter, sleeker printed design, complemented by an updated gradient mesh and midsole. This evolution provides a unique stamp on the history of the GT-2160™ sneaker. What's more, Dime's goal of creating a timeless colorway that will be appreciated long past its limited shelf life is confidently achieved in this model.

Individual fully dressed in clothes and wearing Dime x ASICS GT-2160 shoes, sitting immersed in a bathtub, playfully highlighting the sneaker's unique appeal and creative collaboration.

A Perfect Alliance

This collaboration reflects the shared ethos of Dime and ASICS: a commitment to quality, innovation, and creativity. As Dime's founders, Phil Lavoie and Vincent Tsang, said, “ASICS has an incredible group of collaborative partners, and we are honored to now join that list. We are excited to introduce our loyal Dime fans to ASICS’ rich brand heritage and look forward to the release of our new collaborative GT-2160 shoe.”

Unique perspective photo featuring a person sitting in a bathroom stall, pants lowered to ankles, with Dime x ASICS GT-2160 sneakers prominently displayed, underscoring their everyday usability and distinct style.

About Dime

Founded in Montréal in 2005, Dime quickly distinguished itself with its humorous and innovative skateboarding video projects. It cultivated an uncompetitive style that appealed to a wide audience, breaking down barriers and shifting perceptions of what skateboarding could be. This ethos eventually led to Dime establishing its flagship store in Montréal and evolving into a clothing brand stocked in select skate retailers and fashion boutiques around the world.

Detailed close-up of the back heel of the Dime x ASICS GT-2160 sneaker, highlighting the intricate design, sleek silhouette, and high-quality craftsmanship.

The Dime x ASICS GT-2160 Launch

Following a tease at Paris Fashion Week, we're delighted to announce that the Dime x ASICS GT-2160™ model will be available at Drift House, in-store, from Saturday, July 22nd, at 11 am EST. This gives our in-store customers the first chance to get their hands on this limited-edition release. Following the in-store release, any remaining pairs will be sold online starting Monday, July 24th.

At Drift House, we're excited to bring you exclusive releases like the Dime x ASICS GT-2160™ shoe, a perfect embodiment of creativity, quality, and style. We invite you to experience this modern classic and be part of a story where tradition meets innovation.

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