Stylish man in Duvin Cherry Button Up shirt, exuding casual elegance with its vibrant pattern, ideal for a summertime aesthetic.

Welcome Summer with the Duvin '23 Collection

Warm breezes and sunlit days are upon us, heralding the arrival of summer and the need for some fresh threads.

Crafted by Duvin Design, the collection showcases the brand's signature style, blending elegance with a unique, laid-back Florida vibe. Available both in-store and online at drifthouse.com, it's the perfect way to celebrate summer in style.

Man radiating confidence in the Duvin Disco Button Up, the vibrant pattern enhancing his spirited personality.

Embodying the Florida Spirit

The Duvin Summer '23 Collection is a tribute to Duvin Design's roots. Born and raised in the Sunshine State, the brand is renowned for its distinctive style that marries sophistication with a playful, free-spirited flair. This summer, Duvin brings us an exciting array of garments that embody this spirit, making it an unmissable collection for the season.

Man on beach, wearing Duvin's Fun Tee, sandy shore and ocean waves in the background.

Unbox the Summer Fun

Make a big splash this summer with the dazzling 'Big Cat Button Up'. This shirt, with its wildly cool pattern and breezy 100% Rayon fabric, is an instant mood lifter! Dress it up for those sizzling summer parties or wear it laid back for a sunset beach stroll; it's your perfect summer companion.

Man confidently sporting the vibrant Big Cat Button Up from Duvin, showcasing its unique design

Don't forget to pair it up with the super chill 'Retired Tee Black'. Made from 100% Pima Peruvian cotton, it's like a soft hug on a hot summer day—casual, comfy, and absolutely cool!

Man standing in the ocean, confidently wearing Duvin's black 'Retired' tee and pink 'Retired' hat.

And what's a summer outfit without some snazzy headwear? Our collection's 'Members Only Hat' and the 'Retired Hat' come in fun colors, ready to add some extra sunshine to your summer looks.

Man looking stylish in a Duvin Black Retired Hat, the accessory accentuating his cool, casual outfit.

Experience Summer with Duvin

The Duvin Summer '23 Collection invites you to partake in a season filled with vibrant colors, playful patterns, and a ceaseless celebration of summer. Whether you are an admirer of Duvin's aesthetic or new to the brand, this collection is a symphony of style waiting to be explored. Visit us at Drift House or experience the collection online at drifthouse.com. Welcome the season with an elevated style, the Duvin way.

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