Image of the side view of the ASICS GEL-NYC Kale Pack on a wooden bench in front of some greenery

Discovering ASICS' Kale Pack: The Fusion of Retro and Modern

ASICS has always been renowned for its forward-thinking approach to athletic footwear. With the release of the Kale Pack, the brand takes a delightful detour into its past, all while maintaining a keen eye on the future.

Image of the ASICS GEL-NYC Kale Pack in Birch Silver in a wooded green background

The Nostalgia-Infused GEL-NYC

Drawing from a rich tapestry of design history, the ASICS GEL-NYC is truly a sneaker connoisseur's dream. This pair is the embodiment of the blending of heritage and modern performance running styles. What’s particularly arresting is how its upper construction references the GEL-NIMBUS™ 3 shoe from the early 2000s, but it doesn’t stop there. The shoe intricately interweaves various embellishments from the GEL-MC PLUS™ V design.

Image of a studio shot of the ASICS GEL-NYC on a studio background suspended upwards

However, this is not just about paying homage to the past. The GEL-NYC's tooling system, inspired by the GEL-CUMULUS™ 16 shoe, contrasts the upper's retro influences. The result? A combination of lightweight foams and GEL™ technology inserts that offer advanced underfoot comfort. It’s a shoe that doesn’t just look great but feels fantastic with every step.

Image of the ASICS GEL-1130 together on a wooded bench with a green leafy background.

Revisiting the Late 2000s with GEL-1130

The ASICS GEL-1130, on the other hand, stands as a tribute to the ninth iteration of the GEL-1000™ series. For those who remember, this stability running shoe from 2008 was a game-changer. Now, it's been reincarnated with an updated aesthetic, adorned with silver overlays and sophisticated shades of green that pop against its creamy backdrop.

Studio image of the ASICS GEL-1130 Kale back in Cream/Kale suspended in the air

Yet, the magic lies in the details. Traditional materials have been repurposed, integrating open mesh underlays to breathe new life into this retro runner. The GEL-1130 doesn't compromise on comfort, though. With GEL™ technology situated strategically in the heel, it promises lasting comfort, whether you're running errands or marathons.

Image of the ASICS GEL-1130 Kale Pack sitting on its toe with the laces unlaced on a studio white background

The Kale Pack is a Must-Have

The Kale Pack isn’t just a collection; it’s a testament to ASICS' commitment to innovation, design, and comfort. By revisiting their archives and extracting the best elements from iconic models, ASICS has managed to craft shoes that resonate with both sneaker aficionados and the everyday wearer. The ASICS GEL-NYC and ASICS GEL-1130 are not just footwears; they are narratives, bridging the gap between the past's revered designs and the future's functional needs.

Whether you’re a sneaker enthusiast looking to add to your collection or someone who prioritizes comfort without compromising on style, the Kale Pack, especially its standout models like the GEL-NYC and GEL-1130, should be on your radars. Available in-store and online 9/23 11am EDT at drifthouse.com 

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