Pulled back image of the Nike SB A&P Dunk Low sitting on an orange couch

The Nike SB A&P Dunk Low: An Ode to the Martial Arts Way

When it comes to iconic partnerships in the world of skateboarding & sportswear, Nike SB's name invariably tops the list. This September, the world stands to witness yet another groundbreaking collaboration, as the brand partners with Albino & Preto, a name synonymous with the fusion of martial arts tradition and modern lifestyle design. The result? The Nike SB A&P Dunk Low - a footwear masterpiece that embodies the essence of Jiu-Jitsu, skateboarding, and every dedication-filled step in between.

Close up image of the Nike SB Dunk Albino & Preto siting on an orange couch

A Creative Communion: Albino & Preto x Nike SB

Building on the foundation of mutual respect and camaraderie, both Nike SB and Albino & Preto have successfully carved their unique niche in their respective spheres. Albino & Preto, renowned for its innovative twist on the classic kimonos, seamlessly transitions martial arts culture from its core foundations to its most evolved state. And now, they've infused that ethos into the iconic silhouette of the Nike SB Dunk.

Close up image of the toe box of the Nike SB A&P Dunk Low

Aesthetics and Ingenuity: The A&P Dunk Low Design

Delve deeper, and you will find that the Nike SB A&P Dunk Low isn't just another shoe. Its design tells a tale.

  • Canvas Craftsmanship: Borrowing inspiration from the thick and durable fabric of the gi, the heavy gauge canvas mimics the textures and feel, portraying the grit and resilience synonymous with Jiu-Jitsu training.
  • Tonal and Contrast: The shoe's tonal execution seamlessly contrasts with black touches, echoing Albino & Preto's signature design language.
  • Belt System Hues: With five color-coded lace options, wearers can revel in the shades of the belt system, epitomizing dedication across both BJJ and skateboarding disciplines.
  • Detailed Finish: The finishing touches include embroidered details, co-branded tongue tags, artful insoles, and custom packaging, showcasing the discipline and homage to the training culture and the community that binds it.

Close up image of the top of the Nike SB Dunk A&P Dunk Low

Mark Your Calendars!

For those eager to lace up this work of art, mark these dates:

  • Raffle (In-Store Only) : Get your chance from Friday, September 22nd through Sunday, September 24th.

  • Winner Announcement: Hold tight! Winners will be contacted on Monday, September 25th.

  • Claim & Purchase: Lucky winners have until Thursday, September 28th to come forward, pay for their pair, and revel in the blend of sport, tradition, and culture.

Image of the back heels of the Nike SB A&P Dunk Low sitting on an orange couch

Join us in-store at Drift House as we celebrate a footwear innovation that bridges two seemingly disparate worlds, united by discipline, dedication, and the journey of mastery. Secure your piece of this limited edition Nike SB A&P Dunk Low and wear a symbol of martial arts and skateboarding camaraderie with pride.

Image of the multi colored camo insoles that come in the Nike SB A&P Dunk Low

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