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Nike SB Neckface Sorteo en línea

Este formulario ya no acepta respuestas, el sorteo en línea Nike SB Neckface se ha cerrado. La hora de cierre fue votada por la comunidad de Twitter. Síganos en las redes sociales para el próximo sorteo, le recomendamos seguir en todas las plataformas sociales.
¡Feliz Halloween!
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  • Anonymous

    Something is going on with my emails! I’ve been emailing since I got this email to join and couldn’t yesterday (technically 2 days ago) 11/7 when I was able to join like how I got the Phillies text same day but that wasn’t live in anyway then my max bone didn’t work today and reached out on Twitter all day no answer so miss that too some help please

  • Chris

    😢 I didn’t get a chance to fill out for the raffle and was going to do it before the deadline but it closed early😢. I really wanted these for my birthday 10/30. If a 10 becomes available can I please buy them🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Andrew Campos

    It wouldn’t be nice to win

  • Damien Soto

    9.5 Raffle just closed on me earlier on while I was filling it out . Smh … so random . Only happens to me …. 😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️

  • mark raimo

    man had the raffle done on lunch break but wasnt sure on 1 answer so was gonna look into it after work. GG, hit me up if a 10.5 sneaks back in.

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