Meet Nike SB

Meet Nike SB

Nike is a household name known worldwide for its high-quality athletic clothing, footwear, and equipment. Founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, the company has undergone significant evolution to become the multinational corporation it is today. In the early years, Knight and Bowerman imported and sold Japanese shoes, eventually designing and producing their own in the 1970s. The company officially changed its name to Nike in 1978 and has since grown to include a variety of sports and athletic pursuits, as well as collaborations with high-profile athletes and designers.


Nike SB History


One of Nike's most notable sub-divisions is Nike SB, which focuses specifically on skateboarding. Nike SB has a rich history and has played a significant role in shaping the skateboarding industry and culture. In this article, we will delve into the birth of Nike SB and its journey to become a major player in the skateboarding world.


The birth of Nike SB can be traced back to 2002 with the acquisition of Hurley International, a popular surf and skateboarding brand. This acquisition not only brought the Hurley brand under the Nike umbrella, but it also gave Nike a foothold in the skateboarding market.


In 2003, Nike officially launched Nike SB as a sub-division of the company, with Sandy Bodecker as the head of the new division. Bodecker, a long-time Nike employee, was tasked with leading Nike's foray into the skateboarding world and building relationships with skateboarding communities and influencers.


Nike SB History


The creation of Nike SB marked a significant shift for the company, as it was the first time Nike had created a sub-division focused on a specific sport. This move demonstrated Nike's commitment to the skateboarding market and set the stage for the brand's future success in the industry.


Despite Nike's reputation and resources, the company faced challenges in its early efforts to break into the skateboarding market. Skateboarding had a strong and established culture, and many within the community were skeptical of a large, mainstream brand like Nike entering the space.


To gain credibility and build relationships with skateboarders, Nike SB focused on signing influential skateboarders to sponsored athlete contracts and collaborating with skateboarding events and organizations. These partnerships helped Nike SB gain exposure and credibility within the skateboarding community.


Nike SB History 

In addition to building relationships, Nike SB also worked to produce high-quality skateboarding products, starting with the release of the Nike SB Dunk in 2002. The SB Dunk, which was designed specifically for skateboarding, quickly gained popularity among skateboarders and became a staple in Nike SB's lineup.


Another popular shoe model that contributed to Nike SB's success was the Stefan Janoski signature shoe, released in 2009. The Janoski, named after professional skateboarder Stefan Janoski, was designed for skateboarding and featured a simple, classic style that appealed to both skateboarders and casual consumers.


Nike SB History


Through a combination of partnerships, high-quality products, and a focus on the skateboarding community, Nike SB was able to overcome the initial challenges of breaking into the market and establish itself as a major player in the skateboarding industry.


In the 21st century, Nike SB has continued to grow and evolve as a brand. In addition to its focus on skateboarding footwear, Nike SB has expanded into apparel and accessories, including t-shirts, jackets, hats, and backpacks. These products have helped Nike SB appeal to a wider audience and establish itself as a full-fledged lifestyle brand.


Nike SB has also sought out collaborations with a variety of artists, musicians, and other brands to further broaden its reach and appeal. Some notable collaborations include a collection with graffiti artist Shepard Fairey, a shoe design inspired by the band Metallica, and a partnership with Supreme, a popular streetwear brand.


Nike SB History


Despite its growth and evolution, Nike SB has remained true to its roots and continued to support and engage with the skateboarding community. The brand sponsors professional skateboarders and sponsors skateboarding events, and its products are widely used and respected within the skateboarding world.


Overall, Nike SB has cemented its place in the skateboarding industry and has become a major influence on skateboarding culture. Its history and continued success serve as a testament to the brand's dedication to the sport and its ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing world of skateboarding.


In conclusion, Nike SB has made a significant impact on the skateboarding industry and culture since its inception in 2003. From its humble beginnings as a sub-division of Nike to its current status as a respected and influential brand, Nike SB has demonstrated a commitment to the skateboarding community and a desire to push the boundaries of what is possible within the sport.


Nike SB History 


Throughout its history, Nike SB has faced challenges and encountered obstacles, but it has always found a way to adapt and thrive. Whether through partnerships, collaborations, or the release of innovative products, Nike SB has remained at the forefront of the skateboarding world.


Today, Nike SB continues to be a major force in the skateboarding industry, with a wide range of products and a strong presence in the skateboarding community. Its influence on skateboarding culture is undeniable, and it is clear that Nike SB will continue to shape the future of skateboarding for years to come.

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    Been skating the SB dunk before the hype now it’s impossible to get for retail skate your SB dunks dang it

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    Great article. Especially for those of us who are newer to the SBs – the history helps to understand their blueprint and focus still. Nike SB has not strayed although they are much harder to cop than in the past.

  • Mochashype

    Nike sb foreva

  • B

    It’ll be great to see a Drifthouse x Nike SB Dunk Low collab in the near future.

  • Drizz the wizz

    Such a great article covering the beautiful history of a lot of our addictions lol

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