Adventurers riding a truck in the middle of the jungle in Tahiti in the Roark Mystic Motu Summer Collection

Journey to Tahiti with Roark's Mystic Motu Summer Collection

Embrace the call of the wild this summer with Roark's Vol: 24 Mystic Motu collection, inspired by the mystical allure of Tahiti and the perfect tiare flower. Find the spirit of adventure woven into each stitch of this diverse and vibrant collection, now available at Drift House. 

Man on an adventure in Tahiti wearing the Roark Deep Roots Premium Tee in Black walking down a dock over the water

Tahiti – An Adventurer's Paradise

Embarking on an adventure isn't just about moving through landscapes; it's about immersing yourself in their stories. As Roark shows us with the Mystic Motu collection, Tahiti's story is one of divine beauty and mysticism. In this remote paradise, the gods fought over the tiare flower, so perfect it embodied their spirit once it bloomed. Now, this spirit breathes life into Roark Tahitian capsule - an adventurer's attire inspired by the depths of these legends.

Man on an adventure in Tahiti airport wearing the Roark Sunburst Pocket Crew Tee

Lost and Found in the Jungle

True to their adventurous spirit, the team at Roark found themselves in Tahiti, deep within the jungle, lost, yet more found than ever. Their experiences of sharing laughs, braving the wild, and connecting with nature are woven into this collection. It's an homage to the shared sense of adventure and the magical surprises a journey can present when you veer off the beaten path.

Man running in the jungle of Tahiti with the Roark x Cielo Mathis Knit Tee on

Roark – Clothing that Embodies Adventure

Roark Vol: 24 Mystic Motu is more than a clothing collection - it's a lifestyle. Each piece, from graphic tees to boardshorts, encapsulates a part of the Tahitian adventure. The vivid palette of sunsets, seascapes, and lush vegetation beckons the adventurous at heart, while the durable and practical designs promise to be the perfect companions on your summer explorations.

Adventurers in the jungle of Tahiti wearing Roark Passage Boardshorts 17"

Adventure Awaits at Drift House

With the Mystic Motu Summer Collection, Roark invites you to celebrate the spirit of summer and the thrill of discovery. Drift House is proud to be a part of this journey, bringing you clothing that empowers your spirit of adventure. Shop the Mystic Motu Summer Collection at Drift House today and start your adventure in style. 

Adventurer holding a hermit crab in Tahiti wearing the Roark Road Trip Club Tie Dye Wash Premium Tee

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