Closer Look into '93 Til

Closer Look into '93 Til

...It gave me the same feeling any good skate movie, game, or magazine gives me, and that is the feeling to go out and skate...


In ’93 til, Pete Thompson sheds light on what some would call the golden era of skateboarding. He brings you into this world which no longer feels familiar. His work in combination with the editor (who’s work can’t be understated) help provide the raw, unapologetic, and honest perspective this book has to offer.



Much of the photography Pete Thompson features is unpublished 35mm film photographs, that were stashed away in storage boxes for almost two decades. Thompson truly brings the lives of these people, this world that no longer exists, back to life. Whether the skaters are alive or dead, he provides a window to see who they once were. 


This book not only features spectacular photography, but a great assortment of excerpts from the legends in the skate scene, including Tony Hawk, Aarto Saari, Nyjah Huston, Stevie Williams, Jamie Thomas, and more. These excerpts go over the highs and lows of being involved in the skate world. These writings from the author and more describe aspects of skating I’ve always deeply loved, and never even thought to consciously put into words; while also covering feelings of rejection, self reflection, and inadequacy. 



Jamie Thomas at one point describes the difficulty he had transitioning from being a pro skater, to reaching a state of emotional maturity. He mentions something called Peter Pan syndrome, in other words he’s referring the act of grasping on to your youth. That’s something I see in some of my favorite photos in this book; a bunch of young men clinging to their adolescence, trying to create something they can take pride in.



If you’re a skater, or even somebody who just appreciates the lifestyle, this book deserves a place on your coffee table. If you can’t find a place for this book in your home, I strongly advise you to stop by the shop; take the time to give this a read. It’s a great piece of history, and dives deep into the culture. As a creative, I found this book inspiring and relatable on so many levels. It gave me the same feeling any good skate movie, game, or magazine gives me, and that is the feeling to go out and skate. 


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